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Charlotte, NC

(406) 369-0824

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Havok specializes in laser cut wooden jewelry, cork wallets, home d├ęcor and custom work. 

Havok happens in the space between the before and after. It's the process, the metamorphosis from something raw to something refined.


HD Spring / Summer 2015

Kristen Shearon

Recently, I joined the new app Steller Stories and have really been enjoying the experience. If you enjoy looking at photos and reading interesting insights from the photographers and artists about their photos, then you'll love Steller Stories! For me, it seems like a mix between Instagram and Pinterest, if you could post more than one photo at a time on Instagram that is. You can like and comment on other peoples' stories, but you can also republish them into curated collections of your own! Plus, you can view everything on the web, so you don't always need to be on your phone to view it all.

Here is my most recent story published to my Steller Stories page. I hope you enjoy! And don't forget to follow me @havokdesigns !