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Charlotte, NC

(406) 369-0824

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Havok specializes in laser cut wooden jewelry, cork wallets, home d├ęcor and custom work. 

Havok happens in the space between the before and after. It's the process, the metamorphosis from something raw to something refined.


Your story is just getting started...

Kristen Shearon

It's it just me or does that still sound far off in the future? We recently celebrated Havok Designs' 3rd Birthday in December. {Yay!} Between that and the new year, I've been a little nostalgic lately...looking back at old photos and reading old notes in my jotters. It has really given me some perspective on what direction I want to keep taking my designs. My nomadic spirit will never go away, and I will still always be influenced by my past experiences and all of the places that I have lived. How does the saying go, "To know your future you must first understand your past"? Well, that's a good one, but I recently saw another inspirational quote art piece {and dangit if now I can't seem to re-find it!} that I feel seems to inspire me just a little bit more...It read, "Your story is just getting started."

So far, my new 2015 collection has been a little different than what I have done in the past, but these ideas have been brewing in my mind for quite some time. I've also introduced my largest laser cut wooden art works to date with my Feather Wall Hanging and Origami Crane Wall Hanging Set {shown below.}

As much as I LOVE both of these new additions, my favorite projects recently have been my dip-dyed post earrings. It started with the idea to utilize leftover cut out pieces from my holiday ornaments {which I love to do!} and dip-dye them into my acrylic paints. These Emerald sets are the first in my Dip-Dyed Collection.


Shortly after those, I had some more fun creating my Marsala Dip-Dyed Earring sets. The most interesting part of the process is how the layering of the colors produces abstract shapes that are reminiscent of mountains, lakes, ocean tides, and other natural elements.

I'm already looking forward to Spring with my newest necklaces, and even getting a little {dare I say} sexy with my Athena Necklace which has the unique feature of an arrow that hangs by its own chain and can be worn long and sleek down your back or down the front of your chest on either side. The wooden pieces are cut out of cherry wood that I painted with a metallic copper topcoat, and then paired them with a beautiful matte gold chain. 

So far, I am really enjoying the 2015 chapter to my story, but I'd also really love to hear about yours! Where is your story currently? What's inspiring you in 2015? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


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