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Charlotte, NC

(406) 369-0824

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Havok specializes in laser cut wooden jewelry, cork wallets, home décor and custom work. 

Havok happens in the space between the before and after. It's the process, the metamorphosis from something raw to something refined.


Coasting Through Spring...

Kristen Shearon

As part of a goal that I had set at the beginning of the year, I wanted to branch out into new realms of design. I wanted to bring more Havok into the home, so to speak. Through the use of thicker quarter inch woods {as opposed to the thinner eighth inch woods that we use to make our jewelry + fashion accessories} I designed some new modern, funky wooden coasters! 

Wow…so am I the only one drooling over the gorgeous woodgrain in these coasters? Didn't think so...

The first ones that I designed were the Honeycomb Coasters. Yes, while the honeycomb can be seen pretty much anywhere, I have been wanting to use this hexagon shape and pattern for a while, and having the edges cut out around the shape following its lines adds an interesting look. Plus, the engraved lines also create a well for any condensation and spillage! Form + function? Now we're talkin'!

I love drinking expresso and tea! So I wanted to design a more petite, but still functional coaster for the smaller espresso and tea cups. The simple design accents the beautiful woodgrain of the maple wood, while still looking modern and unique. And it still has the engraved well, just in case those liquid spillages do occur.  

Continuing on with the geometric / triangle theme, I designed the Tribal Triangle Coasters. With their engraved triangle pattern that goes back and forth across the rectangle coaster, they have some funky detail while still coming off quite modern and minimal. And this set is special because it comes with one coaster laser engraved and cut out of our light maple wood, and one that is cut out of our mid-tone cherry wood for a contrasting look! As they say, it takes two to tribal! {Or something like that…}

While there will definitely be more awesome laser cut coaster designs coming from our studio, I am really enjoying these little babies in the home and office! So, which ones do you want to add to your space? 


-kristen | Havok Designs