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Charlotte, NC

(406) 369-0824

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Havok specializes in laser cut wooden jewelry, cork wallets, home décor and custom work. 

Havok happens in the space between the before and after. It's the process, the metamorphosis from something raw to something refined.


Hello to you, too, Fall!

Kristen Shearon

The leaves are changing and so are we! At Havok Designs we are in full swing revamping previous designs as well as creating new fall products. The weather is cooling down and it’s time to layer up, and our fall collection will perfectly add a touch of flair to any outfit this season. Don’t be afraid to mix and match our products like the multicolored leaves of autumn!

Our new fall releases are minimal + edgy with our distinct signature cherry, maple, and walnut sustainably-sourced wood. Engravings and stain accents are still offered to further customization.. These refined products can be worn during the day on a coffee run to pick up a pumpkin spice latte or night to while enjoying a bonfire under the moon making s’mores. 

If not for yourself, then how about for someone special? With the holidays coming up, Havok Designs provides unique opportunities to show your friends and family you care. We have updated our original Better Half/Best Half necklace into a pin set. Show your bestie some love! This set is a perfect give for your significant other, gal pals, and family.

We strive to continuously create connections and close relationships with other local businesses, models, and photographers. Without these collaborations, we wouldn’t be able to share our statement of bringing humans closer to wood. We give thanks to those who have helped us grow to Havok the Planet! So we are so excited to share our first Magazine Cover showing off our Charlotte Skyline Necklace on the cover of Where Traveler Magazine - The Charlotte Issue.

To celebrate this and the holiday season that is now upon us, we decided to get our Black Friday Sale started now and have it last until December 10th. You can get 20% off with the code GIVEHAVOK on our website or Etsy shop!

So get out there and shop small this holiday season! Personalize those gifts and hang some wooden ornaments on your tree!

'Tis the season to Havok!

Cynthia |  Havok Intern

Creative Retreat Fall Break Co. Delivers On Connecting People and Natural Beauty

Kristen Shearon

Nature and creatively are both very important to us here at Havok Designs. We also love supporting other small businesses who work hard to make a difference. Put all of that together, and Havok was proud to sponsor the Fall Break Co. creative retreat that occurred in the mountains just outside of Asheville, NC from Monday, September 12th - Thursday, September 15th. 

The goal behind Fall Break Co. was "to bring together creative minds to foster learning, growth, community and collaboration." Read more info from Fall Break Co. on their website here.

Situated on a farm and event center in Candler, NC the venue was surrounded by trees and the rolling appalachian mountains. Keynotes and workshops were held in various parts of the farm and in the main tent.

Every attendee went home with one of our The Mountains Are Calling and I Must Go wooden keychains in either our light maple wood, mid-tone cherry wood, or dark walnut wood, and a custom engraved Fall Break Co. commemorative magnet (also available in all three of those wood types.)

It is so awesome to see more and more of these types of opportunities for makers, artists, bloggers, and creative beings in general to get together in a natural setting to learn from and teach one other, build skills in various fields, and meet other inspiring like-minded people, all of which further strengthens the creative community. We don't know about you, but we sure are looking forward to next years event!

My EtsyUp Experience

Kristen Shearon

What happens when you take a group of 400+ makers, add some Etsy administrators, toss in a handful of successful entrepreneurs, and put them altogether in The New School in Manhattan for two days? You get the first ever Etsy Up Conference!

On August 11th + 12th, I was fortunate enough to attend Etsy's first conference of this sort. Their goal was to bring a bunch of Etsy makers and sellers together to teach, learn, inspire, and connect. The two day conference was packed full of keynote speakers, lectures, workshops, and meet & greets. For me personally it was a very full week, but oh so much fun! But it seems easiest to start at the beginning...

Wednesday, August 10th:

I took my first ever uber ride (yay me!) to the airport and flew up to La Guardia arriving in NYC the day before the conference. After my second ever uber ride from the LGA to Brooklyn, I met up with my friends whom I was staying with and enjoyed a relaxing first night being back in the city by walking around a bit and grabbing some authentic tacos!

Thursday, August 11th - Day 1:

I woke up before my alarm, anxious to get the show on the road. After a few different outfit changes (hey, I had to look good!) I ubered on over the bridge and into Manhattan. My excitement hit the ground running when I arrived at The New School. The design of the building itself is something to admire, with a glass facade that is very geometric and segments of it jutting out here and there. 

Upon entering The New School, I was shown where I needed to sign in and fill out my badge that I'd be wearing for the next two days. Since I am an Etsy seller, Etsy wholesaler, and Etsy manufacturer, I received every color sticker that they had to represent your affiliation with Etsy, with the exception of the sticker for vintage sellers. At sign in, I was excited to see long time Etsy friend Dianna from Soft Gold Co. walking in at the same time as me. Dianna and I had never met in person before, but after being on the same Etsy team and supporting one another's work for years, we already felt an instant connection. This was the first connection of many over the next two days.

Once sign in was complete, a quick breakfast and coffee fill up took place prior to all of us being corralled into the main auditorium for Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson to make his introductory speech. We were all delighted to find tote bags full of goodies such as books all written by the keynote speakers, a handmade notepad that matched the tote bag, a reusable water bottle, and other small gifts from Etsy. 

After Chad's speech, the first keynote speaker came onto the stage. Her name was Fay Wolf and she is a decluttering specialist. She provided us with lots of great advice on helping our creative minds flow more freely, and how to declutter our brains along with our workspaces. She is also an avid songwriter (which spoke to me) and her down to earth, approachable demeanor made me instantly follow her on Instagram! Plus her feed is gorgeous!

The next lecture I attended was called "Beyond Likes: Social Media for Sales + Growth" that was also held in the main auditorium. A panel of four Etsy sellers sat in comfy and well-designed chairs while a moderator asked questions that were prompted by Etsy and questions that came in via the #asketsyup hashtag on social media platforms. The live audience members were also given time to ask questions towards the end. Some of the key points that I took away from that lecture were:

>Know your ideal customer inside + out. I.E.- likes, dislikes, fears, beliefs.

>Give your followers something special to make show that you understand them.

>Divorce your ego from your social media process. (This was a biggie for me! Thanks to Erin Dollar of Cotton & Flax for that one!)

Lunchtime followed that lecture, however, I was unable to participate in the lunchtime festivities as I was involved in a video interview with Etsy during that same time. (Details on that to come!) But that did provide me the opportunity to get more of a view inside The New School, peak inside their design labs, and get super jealous that my design school didn't have anything close to what I saw there.

Once lunch was over, we all went back to our designated lectures, workshops, and keynotes. Mine was "Meet the Press : And Keep Their Attention" with A Heirloom Etsy shop owner, Amy Stringer-Mowat. It was crammed full of information on how to capture magazine editors attention, how to build relationships with contacts, and setting up calendars so you are aware of editorial season deadlines. The best tips I took from Amy were:

>Think like an editor + make their job easy by providing accurate and appropriate information about your products.

>Editorial calendars are six months in advance - so be a season ahead!

>A "no" is not always forever, it could be "no not now" so follow-up!

>Hand-written thank you's and treats go a long way! :)

I had one more panel to attend that day before the final keynote speaker. The last panel I did was called "Evolve Your Product Line to Remain Competitive" and I found it to be pretty helpful. For me, the top tip from that panel was:  Find holes in the market - don't look at what people are doing, look at what they aren't doing and do that well! (Thanks to Abby Morton, Mavora Art.)

Maxwell Ryan, founder of Apartment Therapy ended Day 1 with his keynote called "Dawn of a New Century: The Rise of the Millenials & The Fall of Martha Stewart." He won me over with that title alone! He spoke about how the large companies that we grew up knowing like Crate & Barrel and Martha Stewart are fading out or have been sold, and that our generation is now making up the rules and taking the power. He also talked about how "paths are never always wants to move in a meander." He also gave us a great list of books to check out, including "The Lean Start Up" and "The House Book."

Etsy was smart enough to realize that the first day was going to be a doozy for all of us, so they teamed up with PayPal to sponsor a cocktail reception for us at a local bar that also had a rooftop deck. Free drinks and small bites were passed out by waiters and waitresses in a very chill setting. It gave us all some time to relax after the first day plus time to talk to our fellow Etsy sellers allowing us to create more connections. Plus, the view from the rooftop alone was to die for! I never wanted to leave.

Friday, August 12th - Day 2:

I woke up before my alarm again, go figure. Got ready, hopped in a car, and rode into Manhattan for Day 2. I arrived a half hour late (blame it on NYC traffic!) and snuck into the auditorium to catch the remaining part of the first keynote speaker of the day. 

The second day was much more laid back than the first with only a few lectures and workshops with it all ending as early as 3:30. I attended three workshops that day, the first being "Make Your Shop Pop!" The second was "From Online to On Shelves : Successfully Segueing Into a Wholesale Business." Some top tips that I learned in that one were:

>It takes about 3-5 wholesale orders to build a relationship with a shop.

>It's better to not cold-call a store - puts them on the spot - send an email to introduce yourself and include pictures of your work there.

>Keeping a separate mailing list for your stockists is a good way to keep them up to date on lead-times and new products. 

>Combining popular selling items into "packs" and selling them at a discount is great for holidays and gifting ideas!

>Be sure to include product fact sheets that have your brand terminology and language on them, and once again, treats never hurt!

The last workshop I did was all about optimizing your Etsy shop. Although it was very Etsy specific I still feel as if I can use what I learned there with my own website. 

All in all, I really had a wonderful time attending this event! My notebook is full of all kinds of notes and lists to review that I wrote down during the time I was there. I came home with tons of business cards from all the new friends I met and made, and I feel as if I walked out of there with some valuable tips on running my Etsy shop and website. The personal connections that I made there were by far my favorite part; having that face to face time with makers who are dealing with the same pressures as I am running their own small business was invaluable. We realized how close-knit this community really is, and how supportive of each other we are! Just knowing that we all share the same ups and downs, struggles and strifes makes it easier when going into that dark tunnel without a flashlight.

Havok the planet,

kristen | Owner | Havok Designs


How it feels to win the Brit+Co #iamcreative Foundation Grant : One Year Later

Kristen Shearon

Oh, how time flies! It’s already been a year since I found out that Havok won the #iamcreative Foundation Grant with Brit+Co, and what an incredible experience that was!

It was early last summer and I received an email newsletter from Brit+Co announcing that the applications were now open for the #iamcreative grant, so I went and applied right away. As time went by, our business got busy with local summer markets, custom orders and such. Toward the end of summer, I was pleased to receive an email from a wonderful lady over at Brit+Co saying that they narrowed the applications down to 15 people, that I was still in the running, and that they wanted to set up a Skype interview with me! Eeeekkkk!!

One interview and a few weeks later, my husband and I were getting ready to fly to upstate New York for one of our best friends’ weddings. It was 2:00 in the morning, our flight would be leaving in seven hours, and out of excitement for the trip I couldn’t sleep. After flipping through Instagram for probably the tenth time that day, I checked my email one last time before my final attempt at slumber. In my dazed state, I had to do a double take when in an unread email subject before me I read the words, “Congratulations!”

I had won.

Winning the grant itself was an overwhelming experience.  I was able to visit San Francisco for the Re:Make 2015 Conference where they were presenting all five of the finalists as winners. We each got to do a video and a photo shoot to demonstrate our unique skillsets and why we had been chosen to win; they even did our hair and makeup. At the conference, they treated us like royalty and we all had so much fun! Everyone was congratulating us left and right; it was truly a rock star moment. 

After returning home after my San Fran trip, I was still in “la la land” for quite awhile. My brain had to process every extraordinary thing that had just happened over the last few weeks. It was only a short time later that I received a wonderful check in the mail. Holding that grant money in my hand, I felt a sense of pride that I had never felt before. I knew right then that my business was really something special, and that incredibly successful and influential people really believed in me, proving so by rewarding Havok. 

Immediately, I purchased our new, larger laser-engraving machine and I was like a kid on Christmas morning when it arrived. The majority of my grant money was going towards the purchase of this new machine, and I was even able to upgrade to a better one than we had originally planned! This new machine increased our production and allowed us to make larger wall hangings and home décor items that we had never before had the opportunity to make. And believe me, it definitely came in handy during our holiday order season!

The rest of the money I knew needed to be put towards something very important that I had never been able to invest in before for our business: advertising and marketing. 

Once the holiday rush was over and spring was here, I was able to start working with an amazing marketing consultant. Together, we developed the brand narrative behind Havok Designs, allowing us to better tell the story of Havok: how we make everything, what our inspirations are, and whom we are as designers, in order to better engage with our audience. We created a marketing plan and constructed social media strategies that we can use on all of our social media channels, website, and Etsy shop. And for the first time, we were able to advertise our brand and products with some magazines and online publications including:  Bunch Magazine, Trouve Magazine, and Folk Magazine.

Winning this grant has created such great exposure for my brand! People have congratulated me and have recognized me from seeing the announcements via Brit+Co, and now with the new application window being open for the 2016 winners, I’ve had other makers coming to me asking for advice on applying for the grant. It makes me feel really good to be able pass on what I’ve learned from this experience. I encourage anyone who has a strong passion for art, design, handmade to apply for this grant. It has done so much for my business and me, and if this girl can win, so can you! To apply just click here!

FAQ: So, like what IS laser cutting anyway?

Kristen Shearon

We are starting something really exciting here at Havok where we want to actively answer all of the frequently asked questions we receive via email, on our social media pages, and at our live events. The most asked questions are based around the main process we use to create all of our products:  laser cutting.

So, okay like what IS laser cutting anyway? Well, did you know that the word laser itself is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Crazy right?! Therefore, simply put, laser cutting is a computer operated process of cutting or engraving a design into or through a chosen material (such as wood or acrylic) using the precision of a laser beam to do so. Think of it like a hot knife cutting through butter [the knife being the laser and the butter being the wood or acrylic.]

Ok, so that seems easy enough to understand, but what about the process? How do you go from having a bare piece of wood to a completed product ready to be sold online or in stores? First, it all starts where all products begin, with a design. 

Customers ask us if we do all of our designing on the computer or in a sketchbook. The answer is both. Sometimes when I am at a coffee house, on the couch, or just not in the mood to be on the computer I draw out our design ideas into a sketchbook adding little notes, questions, and other ideas right alongside each drawing. Once we feel good about the design and want to work it further, it is either scanned or redrawn in Adobe Illustrator. We'll add the line widths, layers, correct sizing, and additional details at this time. After that is all figured out, the file is sent over to the computer that runs the laser engraving machine, and using Corel Draw, we finalize all the line widths and engraving areas prior to printing it to the machines software.

Of course your materials have to be taken into consideration. Our main material choices are maple wood, cherry wood, and walnut wood. Each board is typically about 1/8" or 1/4" thick. We sand down each board to a smooth finish and protect it with masking prior to any engraving or cutting happens. 

Now that we have a smooth wood board and a digital file for the design, we finalize all the settings for the project in the laser engravers software, telling the machine exactly which lines or shapes to engrave or cut and at what speed and depth to do so. [These settings vary depending on the actual design and the materials being used.] Then we press "G" on the computers keyboard to tell the machine to "GO!" and this is what happens...

[This is a time-lapse video showing the process of engraving and cutting out our Charlotte Skyline Wall Hanging. In reality, it actually takes about 45 minutes to engrave and cut out.]

After the machine has cut out the design, we decide if any necessary revisions are needed, or if it all looks good, it then moves on to the finishing process. The finishing process is different for each item depending on the use of the item itself. Most pieces are transferred to a finishing board where they are coated with light layers of non-toxic wood finish spray to protect and seal the wood, while also bringing out the natural colors and woodgrain. Other items are further worked by hand on our belt-sander, with a Dremel, sanding blocks, or sometimes all three as is the case with our wooden rings. 

Certain items are stained, painted, or adhered to other wood pieces for a layered look after being laser cut. Those steps are required to be completed prior to applying any coats of finish. Then the last step of each item is the final assembly, i.e. adding the earring posts, bow tie bar pins, chain and other jewelry details for necklaces, etc. 

And there you have it! A little peek into our process from beginning to end. We hope this introduction into our FAQ Series was enjoyable, and we realize that this was just an introduction. So if you still have more questions about the laser cutting process just let us know and we'll be sure to answer them in future FAQ posts! Or if you have other questions you want answered, leave them here in the comments! This will be an ongoing series so please send in your questions any which way you want:  email, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, postcards, carrier pigeon, or telegram!

Thanks for reading!

Havok the planet,

kristen | Owner | Havok Designs

Summertime in the CLT City

Kristen Shearon

It's officially summer and one of our favorite things about summer are all of the local festivals and markets! This Saturday, June 18th we are headed to the VINTAGE CHARLOTTE Summer Market held here in Uptown Charlotte, NC.

This is always a super fun event! There will be 60+ local makers and vintage sellers there plus food and beer trucks, which on these super hot days is always a must! There is an early bird shopping option for you all you need-to-get-that-piece-first kind of shoppers from 10am to 11am and tickets for that are available for an extra $5.00. It's FREE to all from 11am - 6pm. Check out this LINK for more info and to RSVP! 

We are really excited to be participating in this event for the 4th time, and we will have lots of brand new items making their #IRL debut. And perfect timing, too, since Father's Day is the day after the event, so make sure to shop for those rad dads while you're there as well!! Here's a little sneaky peek of some of what we'll be bringing with us to the show.

See anything that you just gotta have?! Then make sure you get there early to snag them because we'll only have a few of each item and all the really stand-out stuff tends to go faaaasssttt! And don't worry if you aren't a CLT local, all of these items are already available in our webshop or will be added very soon! 

We hope to see as many of your beautiful, smiling faces as possible this Saturday! And make sure not to melt outside...

Havok the planet,

kristen | Havok Designs


Black is the new Everything!!

Kristen Shearon

Recently I was invited by Corri from Black Wednesday Social Co. to be a part of a really fun, new series based all around the color black. They wanted to see how I would style an outfit using the color black as my inspiration. As a minimalist, black is one of my favorite colors (and just so happens to take up half my closet) so yes, challenge accepted! And the best part about this series is that it features 13 (12 not including yours truly) other local Charlotte, NC fashion influencers in a 13 week long series!

This series is now in its third week so make sure to go back and read the features from week 1 and week 2 to see how they styled their outfits and how they influence the Charlotte fashion scene. There is also a great write up about it in Charlotte Magazine HERE

Each of the 13 influencers being featured were photographed by the amazingly talented photographer Katherine Kirchner at the Enemy to Fashion Headquarters in the NoDa arts district here in Charlotte, NC. I got to dust of my smile and flutter my camera eyes while showing off how I dress myself in black. It was a really fun photoshoot, and the photos didn't end up too bad either ;)

So I bet you are thinking, "kristen, when is it going to be your week to be featured? i just can't wait any longer!!" While your impatience in completely understandable for something as awesome as this, fortunately for you this IS my week to be featured so you don't have to wait at all! Yay!!

Tune in tomorrow morning at 7:50 am to Good Day Charlotte on Fox News and see me on TV (Eeeeeekkk!!) talk about the Black Series and how I styled myself, plus I'll also be showcasing some of my products that I will be bringing along with me! This will be my first TV news feature so keep your fingers crossed for me! And don't worry if you can't watch it live in the morning, I'll be posting a link to view the news segment once it airs (along with the link to the Black Wednesday Blog Post about my feature) here on our blog and on our social media pages. But I'm not the only one with a great story and rocking outfit, so make sure you follow along with the rest of the series each week on HERE.

Havok the planet,

kristen | Owner | Havok Designs

Pop-Ups & Front Porches!

Kristen Shearon

Summer is almost here and Mother's Day is just around the corner! Haven't gotten your gift for Mom yet either?! Good thing for Pop-Ups & Front Porches! What do I mean by that exactly? Two super awesome events where you can shop our products in person and get those last minute gifts for Mom!

Happening this Saturday April 30th, from 10am to 5pm at the brand new Flo & Frank Studio in NYC, shop handmade products carefully curated by Flo & Frank featuring creatives (like us!) from around the world in one beautiful space! 

This is our first event with Flo & Frank and we know that it is going to be a good one! We've got some of our best products available including our Silver Full Moon Rising Wall Hangings, Origami Crane Magnets, and our Honeycomb Coasters & Magnets! We unfortunately cannot be in NYC for the event, but the Flo & Frank team is going to be there to help you pick out the perfect gift for Mom or that new item to freshen your home or office space! Just tell them Havok sent ya!

A little farther south in our new 'hood of Charlotte, NC and going on this Sunday is the first of the weekly event called Front Porch Sundays in SouthEnd! We participated in this event when they started it last Fall and had a great time doing it. About 20-30 local vendors will setup shop on the porch of the Shook Kelley Building in SouthEnd next to Sycamore Brewing from 3-6pm. Beer will be poured by Sycamore, and food + fashion trucks will be there as well. This is going to be the best chance to shop for Mom before it is too late! We will have an assortment of some brand new, never before seen items that just scream, "SUMMER!!!" So make sure to come out for that! In case of rain, follow our Instagram or Facebook page for any location change info.

Festival Season is Underway!

Kristen Shearon

Where has this year gone, huh? I feel like it was just yesterday we were popping open the champagne and yelling, "Happy New Year!" But have no fear, festival season is here and my first event of 2016 is this Saturday here in Charlotte, NC! This is always a really fun time of year where I get to show my work at live, local events and actually get a chance to meet and talk to my customers IRL! Yay!

And lucky for you all (or at least those of you who live in the Charlotte area, sorry everybody else!), I will be debuting some of my brand-spanking new products of the season so you will be the very first to shop this collection in person. Some of the items I am really excited to share with you guys are my new CLT wall hangings, new cork fabric accessories, and fun + flirty Summer jewelry for the gals!

Along with the new products, I'll also have a SALE section with some favorite items from last season that will be majorly marked down before being discontinued and gone FOREVER!! So you really don't want to miss out on snagging these deals before they disappear. 

This is the second time I have participated in the South End Bazaar and so far it's been a super enjoyable event! It's free to come so you really have no excuse. Along with myself and lots of other talented local artisans, there will be food from Tin Kitchen and Roaming Fork, plus Hart's Soda Shop will be there as well, and local music curated by DJ Ray Krol. The non-profit benefiting this time around is #HashtagLunchbag. I really hope to see you all there! Come say hi to me at my booth, and psssst! mention this blog post and receive 10% off! What?!?! And stay tuned for more dates TBA of the next local events that Havok Designs will be seen, sold and heard.

Holiday Sale Time!

Kristen Shearon

It's the holidays! And with the holidays comes the holiday sales! Now is the perfect time to get a head start on all that holiday gift shopping. I'm offering 15% off everything in my shop with the code BFCM15 now until December 3rd. And the best part is, you never even have to leave your comfy spot.  

It's the holidays! And with the holidays comes the holiday sales! Now is the perfect time to get a head start on all that holiday gift shopping. I'm offering 15% off everything in my shop with the code BFCM15 now until December 3rd. And the best part is, you never even have to leave your comfy spot.  

HD Spring / Summer 2015

Kristen Shearon

Recently, I joined the new app Steller Stories and have really been enjoying the experience. If you enjoy looking at photos and reading interesting insights from the photographers and artists about their photos, then you'll love Steller Stories! For me, it seems like a mix between Instagram and Pinterest, if you could post more than one photo at a time on Instagram that is. You can like and comment on other peoples' stories, but you can also republish them into curated collections of your own! Plus, you can view everything on the web, so you don't always need to be on your phone to view it all.

Here is my most recent story published to my Steller Stories page. I hope you enjoy! And don't forget to follow me @havokdesigns !

Wood Notions

Kristen Shearon

Hooray! It's official, woodgrain + natural materials are a huge style trend for 2015 so we are ahead of the curve for once it seems. I've always been a fan of wood, if I wasn't I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing for a living, right? And I love seeing how designers and makers utilize wood to create amazing modern, minimal, and {most importantly} functional pieces for an office, home or public space. Here are some of my newest favorites I've found via Pinterest

Water Tower Chair, by BELLBOY

Water Tower Chair, by BELLBOY

Fiii Fun House Cafe by Iris Cantante

Fiii Fun House Cafe by Iris Cantante

Table designed by aberrant and handmade by Benchmark.

Table designed by aberrant and handmade by Benchmark.

Light Pendants by Head & Haft

Light Pendants by Head & Haft

CH417 table by Carl Hansen & Son 

CH417 table by Carl Hansen & Son 

Brick House by Leth & Gori

Brick House by Leth & Gori

Tetrahedron structure created by Zachary Mollica, Yang Yung-Chen, Mohaimeen Islam, Swetha Raju and Sahil Shah, students from London's Architectural Association.

Tetrahedron structure created by Zachary Mollica, Yang Yung-Chen, Mohaimeen Islam, Swetha Raju and Sahil Shah, students from London's Architectural Association.

Your story is just getting started...

Kristen Shearon

It's it just me or does that still sound far off in the future? We recently celebrated Havok Designs' 3rd Birthday in December. {Yay!} Between that and the new year, I've been a little nostalgic lately...looking back at old photos and reading old notes in my jotters. It has really given me some perspective on what direction I want to keep taking my designs. My nomadic spirit will never go away, and I will still always be influenced by my past experiences and all of the places that I have lived. How does the saying go, "To know your future you must first understand your past"? Well, that's a good one, but I recently saw another inspirational quote art piece {and dangit if now I can't seem to re-find it!} that I feel seems to inspire me just a little bit more...It read, "Your story is just getting started."

So far, my new 2015 collection has been a little different than what I have done in the past, but these ideas have been brewing in my mind for quite some time. I've also introduced my largest laser cut wooden art works to date with my Feather Wall Hanging and Origami Crane Wall Hanging Set {shown below.}

As much as I LOVE both of these new additions, my favorite projects recently have been my dip-dyed post earrings. It started with the idea to utilize leftover cut out pieces from my holiday ornaments {which I love to do!} and dip-dye them into my acrylic paints. These Emerald sets are the first in my Dip-Dyed Collection.


Shortly after those, I had some more fun creating my Marsala Dip-Dyed Earring sets. The most interesting part of the process is how the layering of the colors produces abstract shapes that are reminiscent of mountains, lakes, ocean tides, and other natural elements.

I'm already looking forward to Spring with my newest necklaces, and even getting a little {dare I say} sexy with my Athena Necklace which has the unique feature of an arrow that hangs by its own chain and can be worn long and sleek down your back or down the front of your chest on either side. The wooden pieces are cut out of cherry wood that I painted with a metallic copper topcoat, and then paired them with a beautiful matte gold chain. 

So far, I am really enjoying the 2015 chapter to my story, but I'd also really love to hear about yours! Where is your story currently? What's inspiring you in 2015? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


kristen | Havok Designs

Paradise Heights + a Mid-Century Giveaway!

Kristen Shearon

Recently, I co-designed a collection we titled Paradise Heights with my lovely collaborator  Jeanee Ledoux of Finely Crafted. Both of us being huge fans of mid-century design, we decided to use lighting designed during that time period as our inspiration for this collection. Utilizing the clean lines, geometric shapes, and those quirky little pops of fun patterns seen everywhere during those years, we created three necklaces and two sets of earrings that are stylish, adorable, and simply unique. And best of all, this week we are giving away a Sinatra Necklace! Scroll down to enter to win one of these lovelies below! And to see the rest of the Paradise Heights Collection click HERE


Good luck! The giveaway will run for one week and will be announcing the winner on our Facebook page next Friday!


{Photo credits to Jeanee Ledoux from Finely Crafted and Katrina from The Demure Muse, respectively.}


Who doesn't want to win something on a Friday?

Kristen Shearon

Friday has finally arrived and we here at Havok Designs are feeling the need to give something away. So after very little thought (just kidding) we are going to begin a weekly giveaway. Excited yet? We are too. Each week we will choose a different item that will be gifted randomly to those that enter. Yay!

This week we offer one set of Geometric Squares Painted Post Earrings in your choice of color. Click on the photo below for more pictures and information. 

Don't forget to include your friends in the fun.


Click Here to Enter the Giveway

Winners will be announced by 12:00pm on Fridays.

Coasting Through Spring...

Kristen Shearon

As part of a goal that I had set at the beginning of the year, I wanted to branch out into new realms of design. I wanted to bring more Havok into the home, so to speak. Through the use of thicker quarter inch woods {as opposed to the thinner eighth inch woods that we use to make our jewelry + fashion accessories} I designed some new modern, funky wooden coasters! 

Wow…so am I the only one drooling over the gorgeous woodgrain in these coasters? Didn't think so...

The first ones that I designed were the Honeycomb Coasters. Yes, while the honeycomb can be seen pretty much anywhere, I have been wanting to use this hexagon shape and pattern for a while, and having the edges cut out around the shape following its lines adds an interesting look. Plus, the engraved lines also create a well for any condensation and spillage! Form + function? Now we're talkin'!

I love drinking expresso and tea! So I wanted to design a more petite, but still functional coaster for the smaller espresso and tea cups. The simple design accents the beautiful woodgrain of the maple wood, while still looking modern and unique. And it still has the engraved well, just in case those liquid spillages do occur.  

Continuing on with the geometric / triangle theme, I designed the Tribal Triangle Coasters. With their engraved triangle pattern that goes back and forth across the rectangle coaster, they have some funky detail while still coming off quite modern and minimal. And this set is special because it comes with one coaster laser engraved and cut out of our light maple wood, and one that is cut out of our mid-tone cherry wood for a contrasting look! As they say, it takes two to tribal! {Or something like that…}

While there will definitely be more awesome laser cut coaster designs coming from our studio, I am really enjoying these little babies in the home and office! So, which ones do you want to add to your space? 


-kristen | Havok Designs

A rose by any other name...

Kristen Shearon

Drawing inspiration from my mother, nature, and the design style of the art nouveau period I sat down and drew up the design of our new Art Nouveau Rose Necklaces. I wanted to create a beautifully detailed rose that would engrave just as beautifully into our wood.  Once that was completed, I also created a simpler, more minimal rose design that has a softer kind of loveliness. I call them the May and June styles, respectively. 

Playing with this design a little more, we created other necklace styles out of our light maple wood and {my favorite!} a gold metallic painted walnut wood that adds even more contrast and elegance!

So while our Rose Necklaces won't smell sweet {sorry, Shakespeare!}, they will look pretty sweet hanging around your neck! 



Artist + Owner | Havok Designs

Say Hello to Wooden Ombre!

Kristen Shearon

You've seen ombre hair, ombre clothes, ombre device cases but now, we are taking ombre to a whole new level! We have designed a line of necklaces that accentuate the ombre look in the most natural of ways. 

Introducing our Wooden Ombre Necklaces! From left to right:  The Wave, The Barcode, and The Spectrum necklaces styles. All have their own individual gradients creating unique ombre designs. The Wave is the first to debut, but don't worry, the other two are close behind. 

We engrave these necklaces layer by layer, burning off more of the wood the deeper we go allowing the natural woodgrain to be shown while still creating a gradient appearance. 

These necklaces pair awesome with your favorite Spring + Summer fashions! So go ahead, check them out and let us know which style of ombre you want! Ok, hombre?